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Caladium “Florida Moonlight”

Caladium “Florida Moonlight”

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The Caladium is a plant native to South and Central America that has large, brightly colored leaves. Bright and very thin, they can be white, pink, red or green. The plant quickly grows in size and forms a clump of large leaves exceeding 45 cm in length.

There are about fifteen different species and hundreds of hybrids.

"Florida Moonlight" is a variety with bright white foliage with veins and a pale green outline.

The caladium goes to sleep in the winter to wake up in the spring.

As it grows, it multiplies. 1 bulb, 2 bulbs, 3 bulbs….

Package content:

  • 1 bulb
  • a germination guide in French and English
  • a guide to the origin of the plant in French and English
  • sphagnum
  • a germination pot


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